We meet every Tuesday at 7pm at a pub in the Malvern area. Check the upcoming venues for details of the next hash.


New to hashing or Malvern hashing?


Just pop along to one of our next runs! 


What's hashing?


Hashing is a social club for non-competitive running where the runners have no knowlegde of the route beforehand. Hashers work together to follow a trail of markers (usually flour or sawdust) on the ground to find the right route. Phrases like "on on!" and "are you?" are called between runners to check if they're on the right trail.


A Malvern hash is usually about 4 miles long but there are regular stops called hash halts (HH) scheduled in so that no-one gets left behind. Our hash group is also walker-friendly! 


We end each hash at the pub where we started to reward ourselves with some food and drinks after the run.


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