Malvern Hash - Venues

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We meet at 7pm every Tuesday in the pub's car park.



Whilst there the risk from Covid-19 is abating, we still need to exercise a degree of caution (younger members have still to have their jabs) so it would be wise to take  precaution


Captain Kremman

 Date Number Pub Location Postcode Hares Notes
27 July 2021 1824 Upton Marina Upton upon Severn WR8 0PB Babuska  
3 August 2021 1825 Mason Arms Wichenford WR6 6YA Unlaced & Cagney  
10 August 2021 1826       Late  
17 August 2021 1827          
24 August 2021 1828          
31 August 21021 1829          
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